Cru Club Pick-up Party

Cru Members, we're excited to announce the May Cru Club wine release! Join us at the tasting room any weekend during the month of May to pick up your wines, taste new releases and relax!


The tasting room at Old Westminster Winery is a beautiful venue for weddings, private celebrations and corporate retreats. We are located five miles south of historic Westminster, Maryland and within an hour drive of Baltimore, Washington, Annapolis and Gettysburg. You and your guests will enjoy the ambiance of the rolling countryside and estate vineyards, and the pleasure of delicious food and wine. Follow the links below to learn more.


Live music is featured at the tasting room every Friday from 5-8 pm & Sunday from 1-4 pm, May - October. 

4th- Jonathan Plevyak
6th- Deb & Gary
11th- Mark Scott
18th- Henry Molhenrich
20th- Liberty Road Acoustics
25th- TBD
27th- Matt McMullin

1st- Mark Scott
3rd- Oceanline Duo
8th- Rebecca Price
10th- Timmy Morrison
15th- Matt McMullin
17th- Wild Harbor
22nd- Mark Weinburg
24th- Matt Miller
29th- TBD

1st- Oceanline Duo
6th- Wild Harbor
8th- Deb & Gary
13th- Mark Scott
15th- Liberty Road Acoustics
20th- Mark Baxter
22nd- Rebecca Price
27th- Timmy Morrison
29th- Matt McMullin

3rd- Mark Scott
5th- Oceanline Duo
10th- Timmy Morrison
12th- Mark Baxter
17th- Matt McMullin
19th- Matt Miller
24th- Mark Weinburg
26th- Rebecca Price
31st- Bronson Wagner

2nd- Oceanline Duo
7th- Henry Molhenrich
9th- Henry Molhenrich
14th- Mark Scott
16th- Rebecca Price
21st- Mark Baxter
23rd- Liberty Road Acoustics
28th- Bronson Wagner
30th- Matt Miller

5th- Mark Scott
7th- Oceanline Duo
12th- Bronson Wagner
14th- Brandon Robey
19th- TBD
21st- Richard Walton
26th- Shaun + Tammy duo
28th- Deb Gary


Food Trucks are featured at the tasting room every Friday from 4-9 pm and Sundays from 12-5 pm, May - October.  

25th- Ekiben
27th- The Food Chick

1st- Brick n Fire
3rd- Brick n Fire + Cream Cruiser
8th- Haenyo
10th- The Food Chick
15th Dizzy Cow Pizza
17th- Righteous Chili + Cream Cruiser
22nd- Brick n Fire Pizza
24th- Pizza di Joey + Cream Cruiser
29th- Ekiben

The Food Chick
6th- Brick n Fire Pizza
8th- Brick n Fire Pizza + Cream Cruiser
13th- Haenyo
15th- The Food Chick
20th- Dizzy Cow Pizzeria
22nd- Dizzy Cow Pizzeria + Cream Cruiser
27th- Ekiben
29th- Pizza di Joey + Cream Cruiser

3rd- Brick n Fire Pizza
5th- The Food Chick
10th- Haenyo
12th- Bottoms Up Bagels + Cream Cruiser
17th- Dizzy Cow Pizzeria
19th- The Food Chick
24th- Mexican On The Run
26th- Lunchbox Lady + Cream Cruiser
31st- Ekiben

2nd- TBD
7th- Brick n Fire Pizza
9th- The Food Chick
14th- Dizzy Cow Pizzeria
16th- Dizzy Cow Pizzeria + Cream Cruiser
21st- Lunchbox Lady
23rd- Dizzy Cow Pizzeria + Cream Cruiser
28th- Ekiben
30th- The Food Chick

5th- Brick n Fire Pizza
7th- Brick n Fire Pizza + Cream Cruiser
12th- Dizzy Cow Pizzeria
14th- Dizzy Cow Pizzeria + Cream Cruiser
19th- Righteous Chili
21st- The Food Chick
26th- Ekiben
28th- Dizzy Cow Pizzeria