Three Siblings, One Vision.


Drew Baker


At age 22, Drew planted the first 7,600 grape vines on his family's farm. His dream was to grow great American wines in Maryland. Today he pours his energy and passion into forging a new image for Maryland wine. Each year he travels the world studying his craft and honing his skills. Drew believes the rolling hills of Maryland offer just the right mix of elevation, sun, breeze, and rocky soils to grow grapes fit for remarkable wines. 

Lisa Hinton


A chemist by education, Lisa has experience at prestigious wineries on both the east and west coasts. Lisa believes Maryland is ripe with opportunity to craft world-class wines and is captivated by the responsibility to redeem the many misgivings about Maryland wine. Lisa is crafting some of the best wines Maryland has to offer; wines that reflect the region’s many unique geologies and climate. 


Ashli Johnson


Ashli creates memorable experiences for visitors at our farm. She’s passionate about building an exceptional, wine-centered environment at the Tasting Room by sharing the stories of our wines, connecting visitors with their local farmers and making sure everyone leaves with a smile. Ashli is a cultural architect in a sense – creating a new and compelling place conducive to the art and appreciation of great wine.