Nurture. In tandem with nature.

For millennia, the ancient Latin expression, in vino veritas (in wine, truth), has conveyed the idea that wine has a way of inspiring people to say what they’re really thinking. Whether wine compels the truth or not is for anyone to decide. But oenophiles know that the wine itself tells the truth, and a truly great wine tells a story. From the vineyard to the glass, a great wine reveals the captivating story of nurture in tandem with nature.

Old Westminster Winery is our cherished story, and it’s one we love to share. It’s the true story of one family's determination to cultivate the most delicious wines Maryland has to offer.

In 2009, family discussions began on "how to preserve our farm and put the land to work." We were abducted by the idea of planting a vineyard. We all agreed that growing and making wine that reflects our land through a vineyard was an exciting proposition.

The ensuing year was full of homework; reading, traveling, listening, planning and, of course, tasting. To glean insight, we sought out producers from around the world who were making noteworthy wines. We quickly identified what we believed to be the common threads of success: a good vineyard site, thoughtful farming practices, attention to detail in the cellar and a ceaseless desire to improve.

In the fall of 2010, our research prompted a trip to the west coast. One spectacular evening, while sitting on a terrace overlooking the vineyards of Saint Helena, we decided to chase our collective dream. Wholeheartedly.

Upon returning to Maryland, that dream quickly materialized into a mission and a plan: To craft distinctive wines with a sense of place.

We sought consultation from leading experts around the world to guide land preparation, vine selection and wine production. As importantly, our family and friends came alongside us to encourage, laugh, and toil; we needed their friendships.

On Easter weekend 2011, we planted our first 7,600 grape vines: Cabernet Franc, Syrah, Chardonnay and Albariño. The ensuing days of summer overflowed with rewarding work – trellis installation, vine training, deer fencing and winery construction, just to name a few.

That fall welcomed our first shot at wine making, utilizing carefully sourced grapes. These small lots of grapes from numerous sites proved to be an excellent learning experience; it honed our skills and began to reveal our personal style.

2012 was abundant with progress and growth. The vineyard's rhythmic cycle of quiet dormancy and vibrant life mirrored our family's burgeoning experience and determination to produce great wines.

The spring of 2013 marked two milestones. We bottled our first wines on April 6th, then on June 8th, hundreds of guests joined us in celebrating our first wine release.

Today, we cultivate and produce 30,000 bottles of wine annually. 50% of the grapes used are grown in our Home Vineyard and the other 50% are grown in neighboring vineyards here in the Old Line State. This combination assists our mission to reflect Maryland's numerous geologies in our wines.

The growth has been astounding and we’re just getting started! On November 7, 2015 we opened the doors of our beautiful new tasting room – a relaxing place to enjoy wine, spend time with people and connect with the land. Additionally, several thousand new vines were planted to keep up with the quickly broadening appreciation of our wines!

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