We honestly can’t believe we made this list.

The number 99 winery in America? There are nearly 9,000 wineries from across all 50 states. To put that in perspective, Old Westminster Winery is in the top 1%... Wow!

Since the beginning we’ve had this crazy vision for putting Maryland wine on the world map.

We’ve always thought, “Why not? Are there any legitimate factors that precludes Maryland from being the origin of remarkable wines? Is not the terroir here conducive to the growing of worthy wines?” Certainly it is. We have the climate. We have the soils. We have the topography. We have the science. Now all we need is the audacity to undo every negative stereotype that beleaguers Maryland wine. In other words, all the facts say “this could be.” It’s up to us to say “this should be.”  

Moments like this remind us that we’re onto something special: a reputable national publication, The Daily Meal, puts together a team of wine experts fettered with rigorous criteria and tasked to come up with a list of the 101 Best Wineries in America. So naturally, the winners will invariably emerge from California, Oregon, Washington State and maybe New York. Right?

To our utter surprise, Maryland makes the list. But not only does the Old Line State make the list, a tiny Maryland farm run by three 20-something-year-old siblings makes the list. And that tiny Maryland farm is Old Westminster Winery & Vineyard. We’re still pinching ourselves!

Here’s a link to the article and the list.

We’re happy that the criteria for the list is rigorous and that any winery that makes the list has to pass tough muster. It’s an honor to make the cut. This list has boosted our confidence and renewed our resolve to stay the course in the crazy adventure of putting Maryland wine on the world map!

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