We have this mantra at Old Westminster: putting Maryland wine on the map. It used to sound crazy, but it looks a lot more like reality every passing year.  

When The Daily Meal published their list of the “101 Best Wineries in America” for 2017, we felt this overwhelming sense of two steps forward. Listed at No. 87, we could not be more excited or honored.


We believe that wine reflects its maker’s passion. It has a mystical ability to represent the land, time, and hands that made it. Producers always tell of the terroir that makes the wine. It’s not just romanticized wine-nerd talk. It all starts with soil & climate! And places in Maryland have truly beautiful soils and unique climatic conditions that enable us to create wines worth writing home about.  

But what about the culture? What is a culture’s influence on wine? Specifically, what is Maryland wine?      

Maryland’s nicknames exemplify her perfectly. She is diverse, full of history and represents freedom and a bright future: “America in Miniature,” “Old Line State,” “Free State.” Surrounded and chock full of waterways, Maryland is known for its blue crabs, oysters and other Chesapeake Bay specialties. Baltimore, the largest city, floods its streets with support from local sports teams, businesses, and more recently, farmers, makers, and restaurateurs. Maryland is about her roots, community, and future.

The fresh white wines (and pét-nats!) best grown in clay and greenstone or limestone soils pair with Maryland’s classic seafood dishes, summer festivities and afternoons gazing over the inner harbor. Think Albariño & pan-seared bay scallops. 

The complex and concentrated red wines best grown in poor gravelly soils pair with Maryland raised red meats, charcuterie, vegetables and evenings by the fire. Think Cabernet Franc & a marbled ribeye from Evermore Farms.

We are proud to fashion Maryland products and produce wines that reflect the State we love. Maryland wine is not only about her diverse soils and wide-ranging climate, but also her people.

Maryland wine. Maryland pride. Join the movement!