It’s an exhilarating and soul-satisfying thing when your life’s work catches the eyes of others… here at Old Westminster we are so fortunate to have a remarkably loving and complimentary support system and fan-base. It’s only through the support of you, dear reader, that we have grown in the ways that we have over the past 10 years. So for that, we thank you.

We diligently pour ourselves into the wines that we make… our ideas, our time, our creativity, our desire to experiment, our attention to detail… and we carefully craft balanced, unique, delicious wines that we hope would not only make our people proud, but would also make the state of Maryland proud. We willingly work 7 days a week to provide our customers with the best possible experience.

With that being said, we are so, so humbled and so honored to share some wildly exciting press coverage with you all. This month we have been featured three times in three separate reputable publications:

  • Seven Fifty Daily

  • James Suckling

  • The Washington Post

We can hardly contain our excitement and would like to offer up a heartfelt “thank you” to these publications for tasting, enjoying, and sharing about our wines with your loyal readers.

We have linked the press articles bellow in hopes that you will enjoy reading them as much as we did! Cheers!

Seven Fifty Daily: 10 Bottles That Will Change Your Mind about East Coast Wines

10 Bottles That Will Change Your Mind about East Coast Wines

This wine (Pinot Gris Pétillant Naturel 2017) is an amazing expression of what can be done without additions or intervention. It stands up against pétillant naturels all over the world.
— Khoury-Diaz

James Suckling: American Wine Revolution Tasting

American Wine Revolution Tasting by

Old Westminster Albariño Pétillant Naturel 2017

“A riot of boisterous tropical-fruit aromas in an untamed, hands-off style. The palate is packed with succulent, ripe peaches. Utterly delicious Pét Nat! Drink now.”

Old Westminster Outlier 2015

“Ripe raspberries and plums with a bold but soft palate, packed with blackberry and plum flavors. This has a wealth of depth and detail. A blend of 75% Verdot and 25% Cabernet Sauvignon. Drink this young.”

Old Westminster Solera (Batch No. 1)

“A ‘kitchen sink blend’ in the style of sweet sherry from a Solera dating from 2011, delivering dried fruit, nuts and butterscotch on the palate. Sweet. Drink now.”

The Washington Post: Your Thanksgiving Must-Drink Wines

Your Thanksgiving Must-Drink Wines by

This is a fun wine (Piquette 2018), a “nouveau” from Maryland to mark the recent, very difficult and rainy vintage... If you’ve visited a winery in autumn, this wine may remind you of the raw smell of fermenting wine. This is red, so enjoy it as you might a Lambrusco.
— Dave McIntyre