Sometimes it’s good to break from old norms. Sometimes it makes sense. When access to great wine is hindered by “we’ve always done it that way,” we have to ask ourselves, why wouldn’t we fix that?

It’s 2018 for crying out loud.  

Like say for instance you’re going hiking or on a romantic picnic. Or camping. Or a day at the beach. You want exceptional wine for the occasion, yes? Of course. But all of the paraphernalia gets to be a hassle for those settings. Corkscrews and stemware aren’t always convenient. And when the occasion is right, why allow anything to come between you and perfectly delicious wine?

So we came up with a counterintuitive solution.


Since no winery in Maryland – or Virginia, or Pennsylvania – has ever canned wine before, of course we had to challenge the why of that. So we got busy making delicious wines accessible, travel-friendly, and ready to enjoy – anytime, anywhere.

But this isn't just about cans. Our cans are for wine lovers, adventurous souls, and those who seek out unique experiences. Canned wine has been done elsewhere before, but they're mostly mass-produced wines.

So we wanted to can wines that inspire you. So we did.

Jessica Gregg, in the latest edition of Baltimore Style, puts it this way:

“The perfect pairing for winter bonfires, summer picnics and fall tailgates has made its way to local shelves – wine in a can. Old Westminster Winery, the family-run vineyard that began bottling wine in 2013 and quickly made a name for itself, is now the first in the Mid-Atlantic to uncork, literally, this trend. ‘We don’t think wine should be reserved for dinner parties, celebratory gatherings or restaurant experiences,’ vigneron and winery founder Drew Baker says. ‘Glass bottles, corkscrews and stemware have all too often hindered us from drinking the wines we want to drink. We felt it was time to change that.’ Old Westminster offers three canned choices: Farmer Fizz, a sparkling Chardonnay; Carbonic, a Cabernet Franc; and Seeds & Skins, a skin-fermented Pinot Gris. Within a week of hitting the market, the cans were sold out on the winery’s website, but are available at select wine and liquor stores (STYLE staff found it Kenilworth Wine & Spirits). More local love: Baltimore artist Rebecca Smith designed the labels and Elkridge-based River City Cannery put the product in its portable containers. We predict something this fun and flavorful will change up the menu matching, and for once, send diners for the right foods to pair with their wine.”

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