Don’t Miss Summer Solstice!

Those of you who’ve followed the Old Westminster journey over the past few years are familiar with the fact that we purchased a second farm -- a vineyard we’ve named Burnt Hill. So for the past few years, we’ve been cultivating the land, preparing it for planting, and organizing our goals for the farm. (Learn more about the Burnt Hill journey up to this point in this past post.)

We’re excited to have reached a point where we’re officially ready to plant our vines and begin telling the Burnt Hill story.

And... We’re opening up the land in new ways.

Enter the Summer Solstice Festival - Saturday, June 22!

Burnt Hill represents an exciting new frontier in American wine! We're leveraging ten years of experience at Old Westminster Winery + emulating others who farm biodynamically to make wines that inspire us.

Rather than sit back quietly waiting for three years to release our first bottle of wine and saying, "Hey! here it is! come buy it!", we're hosting a Summer Solstice Festival to celebrate folks who inspire the way that we farm and elevate the beauty of natural wine.

Summer Solstice will be taking place on Saturday, June 22nd, 2019. It’s a celebration of the best low-intervention wine producers under a giant circus tent atop a serene hillside at Burnt Hill in Clarksburg, Maryland. It's going to be a landmark gathering of the natural wine community in DC/MD/VA featuring farmers, art, music, provisions and purveyors.

Patrons will have the opportunity to meet and taste the wines of over 25 of America’s top winemakers - here are just some of the makers and producers that will be pouring at the festival:

The Scholium Project | Fable Farm | Purity Wine | En Cavale | Fausse Piste | Old Westminster Winery | Lightwell Survey | Liten Buffel | Brooks | Art+Science | Ruth Lewandowski | Zafa Wines | Floral Terranes | Margins Wine | Methode Sauvage | Iapetus Wine | Wild Arc Farm | Inconnu Wine | Johan Vineyards | Broc Cellars | Hiyu Wine Farm | Les Lunes | Native Selections | Zev Rovine | Williams Corner | Plant Wines | Domestique | Revel | MFW Wine Co | Siema

Delicious food options will also be offered by Clavel + Blacksauce + Ekiben + Primrose. Music by DJ Mike Bernstein.

This event is one that you don’t want to miss - tickets are sold at a first come, first serve basis.

Click here for all Summer Solstice information + ticket information