Everything we do at Old Westminster Winery focuses on making the best wines we can and challenging the status quo. 

So in that spirit of innovation... we’re CANNING WINE.

And not just any wine. These wines are true to our vision: 100% local & natural.

All the grapes are grown right here in Maryland, fermented on our farm with wild yeast and canned on-site without fining, filtration or "makeup."

So why are we putting it in a can?

Experimentation is at the heart of what we do. Since no winery in Maryland – or Virginia, or Pennsylvania – has ever canned wine before... of course we have to get the party started!

Seriously, this project is all about making delicious wine accessible, travel-friendly, and ready to enjoy – anytime, anywhere. Wine shouldn’t be reserved for dinner parties, celebratory gatherings or restaurant experiences; it should be what you grab for the day at the beach, on the boat, by the pool, or hiking and camping. And leave the glass, corkscrew, and stemware behind!

These cans are for wine lovers, adventurous souls, and those who seek out unique experiences. Canned wine has been done elsewhere before, but they're mostly mass-produced wines. We want to challenge that notion and can wines that inspire you.

Since this isn’t just any wine, we decided that it shouldn’t be just any can, either.

We teamed up with a talented artist from Baltimore, Rebecca Smith, who designed our stunning labels. Each one is a creative representation of what’s in the can. We love them and hope you do, too!

Our inaugural canning date is November 1, 2017. Follow us on Facebook & Instagram for breaking news and release party info.

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*Free shipping on full-case orders (24 cans, mix and match)