This Tuesday on “Wine for Dinner” we're teaming up with our good friend Jeff Snow from Glou-Glou Wines! We’ll lead a LIVE & interactive wine tasting with viewers on Facebook & Instagram.

Glou-Glou (pronounced glue-glue) is a french term which implies that a wine could be chugged. It does not promote excess drinking, rather it tends to happen naturally based on a certain taste profile. We already know of this concept with our favorite beers that we throw back, but wines can and do fit the same level of hyper drinkability.  Glou-Glou is used exclusively in the natural wine world and focuses on freshness, purity and liveliness. This does not mean that wines have to be light bodied. I drink plenty of natural wines with body and weight; however, the common denominator is freshness. We will explore a selection of these wines from Jeff's portfolio.

Here’s a list of the featured wines. Also, we’ve listed a handful of wine shops & restaurants in Baltimore that have a selection of these wines.

CHAPUIS & CHAPUIS: Tuesday, November 14 @ 7:00 PM

  1. "2014 La Bulle" Grape - Pinot Noir, Origin - Pombières-lès-Dijon | Domaine de la Cras
    Age - 35 year old vines, Vinification - 10 days maceration with a few light pigeages. No
    dosage. No added SO2, Ageing - Disgorged June 2017
  2. "2016 Orange Blossom" Grape - Aligoté, Origin - Bouzeron, Age - 35 year old vines with southern expsoure, Vinification - 15 days maceration with no added SO2, Ageing - 5 months in neutral barrel. Malo done in barrel.

  3. "2016 Grenat" Grape - Grenache, Origin - Cote du Rhone | Sabran | Domaine du Moulin de Descattes, Age - 40 year old vines, Vinification - 10 days maceration, Pressed rose juice was added during fermentation to bring more freshness to the wine. No added SO2, Ageing - 5 months in neutral barrel. Malo done in barrel.
  4. "2016 La Folle Noire" Grape - Négrette, Origin - Fronton | Château Bonnet
    Age - 30 year old vines, Vinification - short 6 day maceration to keep the wine fresh. SO2 was added at bottling, Ageing - 5 months in neutral barrel. Malo done in barrel.

A selection of these wines are available at the following shops & restaurants in Baltimore

  1. The Wine Source (Hampden)
  2. Remington Wine Company (Remington
  3. Bar Clavel (Remington)
  4. Pen & Quill (Bolton Hill)
  5. 101 Wine Bar (Federal Hill)

Go buy them! And if you'd like to see them in your local shop, let us know. We can help. 

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