It's been a whirlwind summer so far! 

Sometimes it seems like the only way to slow the blur is to stop and reflect. Jot down items of gratitude. Plan for the future. Factor the risks and take bold steps. 

And try to write it all down.

Doing life and business with family - and a team that's an extension of family - is everything to us. 

Because difficulties aren’t typically fun in the thick of things, there’s something deeply meaningful about facing our challenges together -- which makes the victories great and small all the sweeter. 

Here are some events that stick out in my mind:

  • We successfully planted 22,000 new grapevines at Burnt Hill: We spent two years tilling the earth, cultivating cover crops, and enlivening the farm through biodynamic practices. And now, two years later, we believe the ground is finally ready for 30,000 vines to be planted. In April we planted a thoughtful mix of old world grape varieties (like Cabernet Franc and Gamay) as well as Native American and mixed-heritage varieties which will be farmed organically. This hillside – with all its elements in harmony – will yield wines unlike anywhere else on earth.

  • We honored the passing of both of dad’s parents: Bill and Peggy Baker passed peacefully at home and with family this spring. They’re no longer with us in person, but their loving legacy will be with us all for generations to come.

  • We hosted Summer Solstice, the first natural wine festival in the mid-Atlantic: We originally envisioned Summer Solstice as a way to celebrate and elevate fellow producers who inspire our farming practices & winemaking approach. It turned out to be that - and so much more. Solstice revealed that there is a living and growing community of like-minded farmers and winemakers who are committed to sustainable farming practices, low-intervention wine production and the true story that soil tells through a bottle of wine. Our hearts are filled with a deep sense of gratitude for all who came to this epic celebration.

  • Currently on the road spreading the good news of Maryland wine: Over the past six months, Drew’s traveled to Portland, Boston, New York, Austin, Orlando, Philadelphia, DC, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and Chicago... Who knew there was a market for Maryland wine? ;)

Looking ahead:

  • Upcoming trips to Nashville and Phoenix before harvest! You know why we're on the road - we're putting Maryland wine on the map!

  • Glenn and the crew have done an incredible job in the vineyard - the table is set for a high quality vintage. Everything done by hand. Our fingerprints are on every vine and cluster. This method of farming offers our vines and wines a level of care few others experience. Nature’s rhythms are delicate, so we farm with a light hand. We believe our grapes and wine are better for it - but you be the judge!

  • Looking ahead to harvest - just around the corner - 2019 is on pace to be an early year given the mostly hot and dry weather of late. In fact, by the looks of it, Pinot Gris will be coming off the vine within the next week!

Oh, and there's a few more additions coming to the OW family: 

  • Ashli's first due on Oct 1 

  • Drew's second due on October 15

  • Karlie Cook (our amazing content creator) first due in mid-September! 

Slow the blur! It’s always good to stop, reflect, thank, and look ahead with hope and optimism. Here’s to you and yours and wishing you only the best!