Reflections of the first-ever Solstice are lingering long around here… the buzz hasn’t worn off! Our hearts are filled with a deep sense of gratitude for all who came to this epic celebration of low-intervention wine producers - an exciting new frontier in American wine!

We originally envisioned this as a way to celebrate and elevate fellow producers who inspire our farming practices & winemaking approach. It turned out to be that - and so much more.


We'll never forget the moment we first stood on top of Burnt Hill overlooking the Appalachian Range... it was love at first sight. We bought the land on the crisp winter morning of December 20th, 2016 and we immediately rolled up our sleeves and got to work. We spent two years tilling the earth, cultivating cover crops, and enlivening the farm through biodynamic practices. And now, three seasons later, we planted the first 30,000 vines made up of a thoughtful mix of old world grape varieties as well as Native American varieties which will be farmed organically. 

In due time, this hillside – with all its elements in harmony – will yield wines unlike anywhere else on earth. 

Rather than sit back and wait patiently for our first harvest, we decided to plan a festival with the purpose of elevating those who are inspiring our vision for land stewardship and love of minimal-intervention wines. And that is how Summer Solstice was born.

Solstice embodies a next-evolution in wine. 

Many of you made this first-ever Solstice more than a lasting collection of awesome memories. You’ve given the event a sense of FUTURE as well - inspiring what appears to be an emerging movement of forward-thinking natural wine producers and biodynamic farmers - we are collectively creating a community that embodies an evolution in winemaking! 

Solstice revealed that there is a living and growing community of like-minded farmers and winemakers who are committed to sustainable farming practices, low-intervention wine production and the true story that soil tells through a bottle of wine.    


We hope to see you at Solstice 2020!

With the first Solstice behind us, along with the many things we learned, we’ve decided that we simply must do it again! Planning will begin after the 2019 harvest is in the rear view mirror; we can’t wait to roll up our sleeves again. 

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